Stick 'Em Up

by The Perpetrators

2014 WCMA Blues Recording of the Year!

Ok people. Some of you still like the Blues. Some of you hear old ZZ Top or Houndog Taylor, or Howlin' Wolf or Magic Slim... and it moves you. Some of you think you don't like the blues but you like the White Stripes and the Black Keys... or whatever...

Canada has a blues/rock and roll (no, not Bloozehammer) band that can hold its own with the best of the best and they have finally made a record that might reignite the faithful. 

This shit is heavy. Jason Nowicki is the deepest blues guitar player this country has ever heard (ok... Brent Parkin is still pretty great) and the record sounds killer (recorded in Winnipeg at Len Milne's Bedside studios).

The record is called Stick 'em Up. Crazy good. The band is called The Perpetrators.

- Luke Doucet